“At JL Studio, I hope to share with you the flavors of my love, my memories and my roots.”
– Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw

JL Studio is a platform curated by Singaporean Chef Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw, with a deep desire and mission to elevate, innovate and share the culture, traditions, flavors and cuisine of Singapore to the world.

JL Studio embraces and support the local food community and passionate producers, who are showcasing the amazing ingredients and crafts that this beautiful land has to offer.

Every meal and dish is prepared with meticulous attention so as to ensure that every one of our guests will walk away from JL Studio remembering the cuisine and hospitality they experienced with us. Come to JL Studio not for a rushed meal based on an endless menu but for a meticulously planned culinary journey prepared by our dedicated team.

Modern Singaporean Cuisine, Rethought, Recomposed and Reimagined.



Chef Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw, never bound by convention. Experienced different food and cultures abroad. Finally immersed himself in his adopted homeland, learning the language and adapted his heritage to the land. Through JL Studio guests can dive deep into his interesting multi-course tasting menu featuring the amazing produce of Taiwan and the traditional techniques and favor profiles of Singaporean cuisine, reinterpreting it into a modern sensibility for the contemporary palate.



2nd F, No. 689, Yifeng Road, Section 4, Nantun District,
Taichung City, Taiwan
Saturdays and Sundays Only
12:00 – 14:30(L.O. 13:00)
Wednesday – Sunday
18:00 – 22:30(L.O. 19:30)
Service Hours Wednesday – Friday
14:00 – 17:00

We are closed on every Mondays and Tuesday unless stated.
Please check our Facebook or Instagram for information.


Reservations can be made online.
Please note that there may be times during working hours that calls do not go through.